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Guest Experience

We are welcoming guests of our members for one-time visits. To ensure the studio never gets overcrowded, one-time visits are exclusively available for guests accompanied by our members during the week.

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About Us

Akari, meaning light in Japanese, pays homage to the co-founder’s upbringing in Tokyo, and her mission to bring people together through the power of deep heat.

Inspired by the cherished onsen and sentō traditions of Japan, Akari aims to recreate the community spirit that these spaces fostered for her - a shared ground where family, friends, and neighbors found respite and momentary escape from the demands of life. In putting saunas at the center of what we do, Akari allows you to disconnect, turn inwards, and meet a new neighbor.

Our saunas are not a place for egos or performance. We aim to be true to ourselves by honoring Japanese traditions while designing specifically for and with the Brooklyn community.